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Turf & Needle 10-inch Mattress Review

Product Name:Turf & Needle 10-inch Mattress
Brand:Turf & Needle
Mattress Type:Foam
Thickness:10 inches
Dimensions (queen size):60 x 80 x 10 inches
Warranty Period:10 Years
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The Tuft & Needle 10-inch mattress is one most outstanding “hybrid” mattresses out in the market today. The mattress has a several different layers; the first of which is high density polyurethane foam. The second of which is composed of the two-layer Turf & Needle Adaptive Foam, a proprietary T&N technology. The high density polyurethane foam forms the bottom support layer which is 7 inches thick while the top comfort layer is 3 inches thick. T&N adaptive foam was designed to provide pressure relief and at the same time support without “sinking” into the mattress. In addition, it is infused with a cooling gel and graphite to help reduce the amount of heat trapped next to your body when you are sleeping.

Features of the Turf & Needle 10-inch Mattress

The Turf & Needle mattress is a mattress that’s packed with features and is a good alternative for individuals who want to try something other than innerspring, memory foam and latex mattresses. Let’s find out what are the features that make this mattress highly recommended.

  • Turf & Needle Adaptive Foam. We dug deep to find out what makes this adaptive foam by T&N so special. Based on what we found from conversations with a T&N rep, this proprietary material has a more responsive surface when compared to memory foam mattresses. While memory foam mattresses typically work by slowly conforming around your body, the T&N adaptive foam doesn’t “trap you in.” This type of adaptive foam is as comfortable as memory foam mattresses and is more supportive.
  • Not too soft and not too hard. Turf & Needle’s mattress is fined tuned to a universal comfort which evenly and comfortably distributes your body weight. Most customers who have had this mattress for some time have reported to validate this point, in that this mattress is able to satisfy the level of firmness preferred by themselves and their partners.
  • Cooling Gel and Graphite. These two materials are used to provide a better airflow and therefore prevent heat from accumulating between your body and the mattress.
  • Localized Bounce. The combination of the various types of materials in the mattress allows it provide just the right rebound – springy effect – such that it does not disturb your sleeping partner.

Advantages of the Turf & Needle 10-inch Mattress

For a novel mattress technology, the Turf & Needle mattress is an affordable option for side sleepers. Here are some of the advantages you’ll experience if you do decide to purchase this mattress.

  • Inexpensive for a Unique Mattress. One of the first things that stand out is its price point. It is hard to find a better priced mattress made from natural materials. From what I’ve seen, other mattresses that are made of natural materials in contrary can cost anywhere from $1,000 to greater than $3,000.
  • No Out-Gassing. Because of the mattress is certified by OEKO-TEK to be free of chemical residues and heavy metals, the mattress does not outgas and therefore does not smell at all.
  • T&N Foam Adapts to the Different Body Curves. Some individuals may feel that this mattress is too firm for their liking. However, T&N and many other customers have advised to try out the mattress for at least two weeks as that is usually when the foam will get less stiff and the body gets accustomed to the mattress.
  • Excellent Heat dissipation. The mattress, because of its cooling gel and graphite composition, allows for a cool and comfortable sleep.

Disadvantages of the Turf & Needle 10-inch Mattress

While Turf & Needle’s proprietary adaptive foam is a great innovation to have in a mattress, the mattress’ reviews do indicate that a few individuals agree on one disadvantage.

  • Slight Lost in Firmness Over Time. A few individuals have reported that this T&N mattress lost its initial level of firmness after continuous use for several months. Note that T&N believes that their mattress losing its firmness so quickly is not normal and should not occur for at least 10 years. Hence, such reports might be a result of defect in manufacturing given only a small portion of individuals had this experience.

Bottom Line

The Turf & Needle mattress is an excellent choice for side sleepers who want to try out a new type of material. This mattress is highly rated in reviews, and is undoubtedly one of the best mattresses for side sleepers. All in all, definitely consider buying this mattress if you’re a side sleeper as this T&N mattress is loaded with awesome features that’ll ensure a good night’s sleep.

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