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A Guide to Selecting a Cervical Pillow for Side Sleepers

Neck Pain Treatment

Do you experience pain in the neck area in the morning and not knowing the cause? How does using a cervical pillow for side sleepers help prevent neck pain? In this article, we’ll go over two of these questions, and provide a ton more information on how you can select a cervical pillow as a side sleeper.

Neck pain in addition to shoulder and hip pain, is one of the most common injuries that you can sustain either by sleeping in an improper posture for too long, or by not having a proper pillow. While there are many things that can contribute to neck pain, these two factors are within our control and can make a whole lot of difference of how you feel when you wake up in the morning.

What are Cervical Pillows?

If you are a side sleeper, sleeping with a good pillow is essential. Have you tried sleeping on your side without the use of any pillows? Individuals who have done this will certainly not only feel uncomfortable, but over time, their neck will strain and start aching. Others may even experience headaches as a result of pain propagation from the neck.

If all of this sounds familiar, then you’re in luck as this is often times something you can fix. One of the best type of pillows that can help avoid this problem is cervical pillows. Cervical pillows are pillows that are designed to provide the best support for your neck and to ensure that it is in the proper alignment when you are sleeping. Cervical pillows typically have a section that rises up for neck support. These special type pillows are recommended by doctors of chiropractic, physiotherapists and even surgeons. Many individuals who have tried out cervical pillows have not only reported a decrease in neck pain, but also a better quality of sleep.

Steps to Picking the Best Cervical Pillow

Similar to selecting the best mattress for side sleepers, there are different things that one should consider while selecting a suitable cervical pillow. Sleeping on an uncomfortable cervical pillow can worse the neck pain you experience. We’ve compiled a list of things that you should look into when you’re buying a cervical pillow.

Fits Your Sleeping Posture

Individuals with different sleeping postures will require different types of cervical pillows. For side sleepers, an ideal cervical pillow is one that fills in the space between your shoulder and your ear. The lack of such “filling” is often times what causes neck pains in side sleepers in the first place. Side sleepers require thicker pillows when compared to back or stomach sleepers.

Consider How Deep You Sink Into Your Mattress

To pick out suitable cervical pillows for side sleepers, one must take into account how firm your mattress is. While a mattress that is medium in firmness is ideal for most side sleepers, some side sleepers swear that they can only sleep firmer or softer mattresses. If you’re sleep comfortably on a medium firmness mattress, this is something you shouldn’t have to worry about as cervical pillows will serve you well. However, keep in mind that a firmer mattress will require a thicker cervical pillow whereas a softer mattress will require a thinner pillow. Again, this is tied to point #1 with the goal being to fill the gap between your shoulder and ears.

Make Sure That It Feels Comfortable and In Sync with Your Body’s Anatomy

Most cervical pillows nowadays come with different shapes or thicknesses at different parts of the pillow. This is to accommodate a larger amount of people with neck pains, or more specifically, allowing people with different sleeping postures to sleep on different areas of a cervical pillow and still get the support that they need. While this make these cervical pillows “versatile,” be sure to test out sleeping on the different parts of the pillow to find one that provides the most comfort and support.

Durability and Warranty Period

Like mattresses, cervical pillows can be considered as an investment towards healthy living. As cervical pillows can cost more than $100, it is wise to ensure that the one you’re interested in purchasing has good reviews and will last for a few years. The duration of the warranty period of a given cervical pillow is therefore also something you should consider.

Top 3 Best-Selling Cervical Pillow for Side Sleepers

These are the 4 big things that you should look into when you’re trying to purchase a cervical pillow. The good news is, I have spent a ton of time to do research and pick out the top 3 cervical pillows that I have found. These pillows not only provide excellent support and comfort, but I also found them to really suit the needs of side sleepers. The following are the 3 best cervical pillows for side sleepers and a short review for each. Be sure to check out my full review on these cervical pillows!

PILLO1 Therapeutic Cervical Pillow

The PILLO1 cervical pillow provides maximum support for your neck which reduces the stress exerted on your neck and head. It is a pillow that you might have seen on TV and was designed to fit the needs of individuals with different sleeping postures. Another thing that’s great about the PILLO1 cervical pillow is that it has been shown in studies that it increases the restorative REM sleep by 21.3%. In other words, a better sleep overall! This cervical pillow is made of premium quality Talalay latex which is super breathable.

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Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow

This Arc4life cervical pillow allows you to wake up free of neck and muscle pain as this pillow relieves your neck and head throughout your sleep. The pillow makes sure it supports your head and neck correctly. This cervical pillow is also designed to be slept on by people with different sleeping postures. A key feature in the Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow is that it has a “Traction V” section which are basically two opposing soft wedges that create a gentle pull, diverting the stresses away from your shoulders.

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Core 222 Tri-Core Gentle Support Pillow

This pillow by Core is great as it is designed specifically for side and back sleepers. This cervical pillow is made of Fortrel fiber and includes a 100% white cotton cover. The Core 222 Tri-Core Gentle Support pillow restores curvature and supports your neck to relieve pain through its design features. This pillow incorporates a trapezoid-shaped center which cradles your head and neck for maximum comfort.

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Closing Comments

Now that you know what the things you should look for are in a cervical pillow, you should be able to pick one of the three best cervical pillows for side sleepers above. Remember that having a proper pillow for side sleepers is extremely important as it will prevent you from experiencing any neck pains or headaches.

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